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What Powuse Do?

Powuse started with a simple idea - To make your new or old cordless power tools & accessories more useful! We produce diverse, unique, and practical products, whether from a cost-effective or environmental perspective, they will be an excellent addition to your various cordless power tools and batteries!

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What Our Customer Say

Customer Reviews

Life saver

Perfect fit for my Milwaukee battery to use in my ryobi tool......instead of replacing a 70$ battery!


surprise and useful

I bought a Ryobi 18 volt pex crimping tool. But I hav Dewalt cordless tools so I got the adapter. It works so I don’t have to get different battery’s.

Racheal D.

Perfect for custom applications

Got this to run a fish finder on my kayak. Love the idea of having my milwaukee batteries run anything that needs 12 volts!

Andrew K.

Great value

Use it as an on the job charger for my cell phone. Initially the flash light was not important to me, however I have used the flash light feature more than I used the USB ports.

Ron L.

Great idea for organizing batteries!

Excellent way to store your Dewalt batteries, especially if you have as many as I do. You can separate them by different distances based on your battery size.

Paul Soutar

Super bright!!!

Surprised me how bright it is. That is shines in 360 degrees makes it awesome to light up a whole room when there's no power.

J. Davis