About Us

Our Mission

Powuse started with a simple idea - To make your new or old cordless power tools & accessories more useful! Therefore, Powuse was born! Whether from a cost-effective or environmental perspective, our products will be an excellent addition to your various cordless power tools and batteries.

About Powuse

Founded in 2018, Powuse specializes in designing, optimizing, and producing cordless power tool accessories over the years. Our goal is to take the convenience and selection of online shopping and offer our customers a variety of the latest, practical, creative cordless power tool accessories for work & home use!

Powuse is a professional & quality-first & easy-to-use cordless power tools accessories supplier with many patented & innovative designs and complies with FCC RoHS and CE security testing standards.

Powuse now supplies kinds of patented & brand-new cordless power tools and accessories, such as cordless power tool battery adapter converters, power wheels battery adapters, battery & tool organizers, portable power sources, and cordless LED work lights, battery power inverters, etc.

Powuse supports online store retail and OEM wholesale order business, we would like to be your reliable supporter and partner to bring you more long-term value and benefits!

On Powuse.com, you will find more amazing cordless power tool accessories you need, and enjoy our sweet after-sales service, if you have any problem with the product & order, you can email us via service@powuse.com.