How to Use Any Brand Battery With Any Power Tool

How to Use Any Brand Battery With Any Power Tool

In today's world, there are so many different brands of cordless power tools, which are incredibly useful for DIY and construction projects, as they allow you to work with greater efficiency and precision. These battery-powered tools can make your life easier and less stressful, providing you with the ability to tackle tasks with ease. The downside is that owning multiple power tools with different batteries and chargers can be costly and messy.

I believe some tool users are eager for a gadget that enables the same battery pack to be used across different brands’ cordless platforms. Fortunately, here is the magical solution to your frustrating situation, it will make it easier to switch between tools without having to buy a lot of batteries and without spending a lot. Throughout this guide, we are going to elaborate on the solution for the interchangeability of cross-brand power tool batteries.

Do Cordless Power Tool Batteries Work with Different Brand’s Tools?

The answer is that cordless tool batteries are only compatible with the same brand (brand compatibility exists) provided they have the same voltage, amps, chemistry, and size/shape. Cross-brand compatibility DOESN’T exist between these power tools as each brand has its own unique design which fits well in its own tools (brand).

So, Can a Dewalt battery fit a Milwaukee Tool? Not directly. But only by the use of a cross-brand battery adapter.

The Solution – Cross-Brand Battery Adapter

Using a brand’s battery for another brand’s tool was considered impossible, but with the latest technological progress, it’s now possible.

The quick solution to cross-brand cordless tool battery compatibility: The cross-brand-battery adapter!

The cross-brand battery adapter allows you to use the battery of a brand’s tool with another brand’s tool or device. These cross-brand adapters eliminate the need to purchase the specific model or brand’s battery. Not only does it save you money, but you also avoid the hassles of managing multiple batteries and chargers.

It is crucial to remember that brand cross-battery adapters might not function with all makes and types of power tools and batteries. To ensure a cross-brand adapter will work with your particular power tool and battery, it is crucial to check the compatibility information before making a purchase.

Use Any Brand Battery in Any Power Tool

Manufacturers of power tools strive to "enforce" brand loyalty by ensuring that their expensive batteries only work with their tools. However, there are adapters that allow batteries from one brand to be used with tools from another. For example, there is an adapter available online that allows a 20v DeWalt tool to use a 20v Black & Decker battery. This means that you can pick and choose an ideal tool, at the best price, without being locked into a specific brand, providing there is a compatible adapter.

By now, you may have seen the videos running around that show a converted DeWalt or Makita lithium-ion battery running a Snap-On cordless glue gun using a tool battery adapter. If you haven’t, take a look below at the video showing off the possibility.

Cordless Power Tool Battery Compatibility Chart (USING CROSS ADAPTER)

Note: This is my own research based on the current market. Please follow, this chart will be continuously updated to include more brands!

Brand Dewalt Bosch Milwaukee Makita Ryobi Craftsman Worx Metabo Black+Decker AEG & RIDGID Hitachi/Hikoki/Metabo HPT Devon Snap-on Dyson
Dewalt X Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bosch Yes X Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Milwaukee Yes Yes X Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Makita Yes Yes Yes X Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ryobi Yes Yes Yes Yes X No No No Yes No No No No Yes
Craftsman Yes Yes Yes Yes No X Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
Worx Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes X Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Metabo Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes X Yes No Yes No No No
Black+Decker Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes X Yes Yes No No Yes
AEG & RIDGID Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No Yes X No No No No
Hitachi/Hikoki/Metabo HPT Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes No X No No No
Devon Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes No No No No X No No
Snap-on Yes No Yes Yes No No No No No No No No X No
Dyson Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes No No No No X

Yes: Compatible (Using adapter)

No: Not Compatible (Using adapter)

X: Already Compatible (Same Brand)

These major brands now use the latest technology of Lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are interchangeable within its wide range of tools of the same brands.

To use the battery of a brand with other brand tools, you should use the cross-brand adapter that enables you to connect a battery with multiple brands’ multiple tools.

Pro Tip: Use the battery with other tools of the same brand according to its voltage and amperage as well. Before purchasing the cross-brand battery adapter, you should go through the manual or instructions for compatibility with your specific brands.

Check These Cordless Power Tool Battery Adapters on Powuse

Using the right battery adapter below will allow you to use virtually any cordless tool with any battery. In the DeWALT 20V platform but see a great deal on a Milwaukee M18 item? no problem, get the right adapter and you are good to go! Now check it out to find out which power tool battery adapter you need in our store:

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Cordless Power Tool Battery Adapter Buying Guide

You can also view our Power Tool Battery Adapter Buying Guide. In this guide, I have listed a variety of different detailed brands and models to make it easier for you to find the battery adapter you need!

How to Use Any Brand Battery With Any Power Tool

Didn’t find the adapter you need? Or not sure if the adapter is compatible with my battery? Please contact us via, we will be happy to help you solve your problem!


Overall, from the viewpoint of economy and convenience, the use of these power tool battery adapters is a very useful accessory for users of tools, which makes switching brands a snap, you can even keep an eye out for batteries on clearance and save much money. Awesome! Now you just need to find these adapters for your cordless tools. Stay tuned for more updates on this subject and let us know your thoughts in the comments. See ya!😃

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1. Can these adapters be used to charge one brand of battery on a different brand's charger?

Unfortunately not, the adapters won't allow charging.

2. Why I didn't see one adapter that goes from 18v Ryobi batteries to ANY other tool?

Its probably because of their 1990's plug in style batteries.  Every one else has slide on batteries.

3. How bout dewalt to craftsman. theyre both stanley/black and decker. but why aren't they compatible, {i happen to have both}. Is their one out there?

Honestly, the big reason they are not interchangeable is companies want to make a lot of money instead of making life easy for us. Here is a link for you:

4. Can you load the battery brand "a" with this adapter in charger brand "b"?

It might work but definitely not recommended, the charger balances the battery but the adapters only have the positive and negative terminals, it might catch fire or decrease the battery life.

Been hearing about low voltage destroying batteries when using adapters. Will this be an issue?

The only ones to worry about is using batteries in Ryobi or in old Nicad tools. All others auto shut off.

5. Wondering if found any adapters that work with the old Makita BL1820 batteries. I’ve got a ton. Will the ones you listed only work for the newer style Makita batteries?

The old style Makita batteries work with these adapters. You can also use the old style batteries in newer Makita tools by simply cutting a groove in the top shoe.

6. Some of the adapters don’t provide low voltage shut off?

True. But it's more of a tool thing. Milwaukee, Makita, Dewalt, Porter Cable etc all have tools that stop when low voltage is detected. Ryobi and old Nicad/Nihm tools don't have low voltage built into the tools, so you need to be mindful when using batteries in those.

7. Have you found any Craftsman 19.2 lithium battery adapters to use those on Dewalt 20v tools?

I haven't seen any adapters going from the 19.2v to anything else.

8. Won't mismatched batteries cause tools to burn out or get damaged long-term?

Nope. Inside all the battery packs are the same batteries. That's like saying putting Duracell or Energizer in an item will fry it versus putting dollar store batteries in it.

9. Is there such an adapter to run the Black & Decker 20V Lithium Ion batteries on the Porter Cable 20v MAX platform tools would ya?

You just grind off a few nubs on the battery and then either clearance the tool or I cut gouges in the battery where the PC tool bumps it. There are a bunch of videos on it.

In all honesty the Black and Decker batteries are weak and really low end and the Porter Cable tools will suffer in performance. The BD batteries only have 10amp max discharge cells vs the 20-30amp PC batteries will have. This means the tool will stall constantly and can't be used on anything high drain. This limits you to the PC drill or impact.

10. Each battery has a different BMS, so if we use a battery adapter like this, even Dewalt's BMS will not work when inserted into the Makita drill. right?

The BMS is used just for charging. So you can't use a DeWalt battery with Makita adapter in the Makita charger. But it'll work in the Makita tool.

11. The only battery I know about not having a built in low voltage cutoff circuit is Dewalt, do you know about the other batteries? It would be a shame to run the voltage down a little to much just one time and ruin a battery.

The only battery that does have low voltage cut off is Ryobi. No other brands have low voltage cut off in the battery packs, it's managed by the tool. So if you put it DeWalt or Milwaukee etc in a Ryobi tool you could possibly run it beyond discharged if you didn't occasionally check the battery meter or stop using the tool when it dropped in significant power.


9 thoughts on “How to Use Any Brand Battery With Any Power Tool

Steve Stanley

I have a ryobi 18 volt battery and i also have the craftsman old 19.2 volt and the new 20v
so my question is you have no adapter craftsman to ryobi so can i use the dewalt adapter to craftsman then to a ryobi ?

NovaQuantic Adapter Upgrade for De Walt 20V MAX Tools – Compatible with Craftsman New 20V V-20 Red Style (Not B&D) Battery Installation for Power Supply (No Charging Function) – 1 Adapter Only

April 30, 2024 at 08:56am
John Wakefield

Tools made before Lithium-cell based batteries and for years of over-lapping production of both Nicad and Lithium-cell based batteries were made WITHOUT any low-voltage battery protection circuit, now a part of Battery Management System “BMS” circuit boards. Because BMS circuit boards increase production cost of devices including them, and only one is needed between a Lithium-cell based battery and tools they power, tool batteries do not contain BMS low voltage protection circuits. It is assumed that each tool will last longer than a single battery so that protection circuit is ONLY built into tools intended to be powered by Lithium-cell based batteries.

By contrast, tools built to be powered by Nicad-cell based batteries do not contain any low-voltage protective BMS circuit board. The same is true of many other devices like automotive 12-volt lamps and children’s electric motor powered rider toy cars as examples. If someone uses a Battery Adapter without a built-in BMS circuit, which is true of probably over 95% of all Battery Adapters sold, and uses it to connect their expensive Lithium-cell based battery to their child’s electric-motor powered sidewalk rider car, that child’s normal behavior will discharge that Lithium-cell based battery to such a low voltage that it will never be fully recoverable. This sort of innocent uninformed use has destroyed many excellent expensive high-performance Lithium-cell based batteries.

I feel that you should warn your readers about this issue. If the tool being powered by the Lithium-cell based battery was designed to be powered by the same series-cell count of Lithium-cell based batteries of another brand, there is no danger from this low voltage destruction because those devices already have the needed low voltage protection. Not true of old Nicad era tools, automotive lamp units, many old power hungry toys.

Please add this information to your otherwise excellent site.

April 30, 2024 at 08:56am
Mike Copeland

Where are the Porter Cable batteries/tools listed?

April 3, 2024 at 09:56am

I have 6 SKIL 20v tools and love them. Do my skil 20 batteries fit in any other brand 20 volt tools?

April 30, 2024 at 08:56am

I have the bostich bcb 204 battery is there an adapter to go from that to Dewalt it almost fits but nope thanks trying go from bostich to Dewalt thanks

April 3, 2024 at 09:56am

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