2-in-1 Dewalt/Milwaukee Battery Power Wheels Adapter

Our 2-in-1 Dewalt/Milwaukee battery power wheels adapters are equipped with two-gauge wires to output battery voltage, allowing you to power devices directly from your Dewalt and Milwaukee batteries. You can use them to upgrade your power wheels battery, kids' ride-on cars, trucks, RC toys, robotics, DIY projects, or high-power applications, etc. Enjoy DIY anytime!

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2-in-1 Dewalt/Milwaukee Battery Power Wheels Adapter with Switch | Powuse

2-in-1 Dewalt/Milwaukee 18V Power Wheels Battery Adapter with Switch, Power Wheels 18V Conversion Kit for Ride On Toys RC Car Robotics DIY Use

$22.99 USD
This 2-in-1 power wheels Dewalt/Milwaukee 18V Li-ion battery adapter with switch has two gauge wires installed to output battery voltage and power directly from your battery, you can use it...