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Exceeded low expectations

I'm used to using commercial Stihl blowers. Recently had one stolen so I needed a blower and not spend several hundreds of $$. So I bought this one. I have run 2 tanks of gas through this blower and this is what I have to say this far. It starts right up, and after a short warm up it runs strong. The engine occasionally, misses a beat. My guess is the spark plug. Seems to made from a lower quality plastics. The are straps and back padding although is there.. it gives you very little comfort. The power of the blower is fairly decent. I blew some wet debris and it did well. It won't blow big piles but does decent with wet and smaller areas. I'm jus bought this blower to get some work done until I can replace a Stihl that was stolen from me. And it seems..to be getting the job done. Over all, not a bad purchase for the money.

Surprisingly powerful and very light weight!

Got this for a temp to replace an older one that was being repaired and this one ended up being more powerful and is super light! Comes with lots of attachments and goodies, great value for the money!


I have had this leaf blower for over two months. There are 10 large silver maple trees in my backyard. So there are large amounts of leaves. This blower was powerful enough to take care of the leaves. One full tank of gas will run for ~30min-40min. It starts easily. The weight is medium. It's a bit louder than a Stihl. The manual recommends 25:1 oil ratio. At 25:1 gas-oil ratio, the machine runs smoothly. I haven't tested it for the use to blow snow in winter but I will not doubt it. Overall it's a great, strong leaf blower for the money.

Take it anywhere and have a plug it in!

Its the neatest thing ever. Go to someones house and plug in your crock pot! I love it!!

Works as described to run Ridgid tools with M18 or 20V Max batteries

What else is there to say about it? I have a few Ridgid tools and 2 Ridgid batteries, but many more red M18 and yellow 20V Max batteries. This adapter lets me run my Ridgid tools for longer without needing to buy more orange batteries. It doesn't have a USB port on it like some adapters have, but that's preferable to me as there's no constant drain on the attached battery, which could eventually kill it if I forget and leave it attached. If I lose or break it, I'd gladly buy it again.


Use this to charge the speaker at work and my phone and it fits the milwaukee battery great


Great machine! Fantastic value! A short video of the proper oil mix would be helpful - the directions are a bit confusing. Using 25/1 for the first 40hrs was a add in to the box. The measuring tank is in liters and the oil ratio you buy is in gallons. Also didnt mention using synthetic oil which I used but it runs great!!! love it so far.

Good value for the price!

Arrived well packaged and as described. Assembly was easy. Have about 15 hours on the unit so far and it really moves the leaves! Even wet ones. The directions were a little tricky to follow, mostly translation issues. The wording for choke open/closed are actually backwards, the symbols are correct.

Works well, but feels cheap

This works and fits a Ryobi 40v battery well. It will fit a 2/4/6/8ah just fine as it only connects to the slide/contact section of the battery. Its a little less smooth to snap onto the battery than the factory charger does. This is an injection molded item and not 3d printed like some others out there; a big plus for that. There is nothing wrong with this being light, it does clip on the battery and the switch works well. I'd say it's a must to have a switch and fuse on one of these things - if anything happens with a short or power issue this is a big plus. This device outputs straight battery voltage to the wires, there is no voltage regulation at all. But, this is fine when using this for powering another battery operated device meant for 40v. Also, never use this to charge a LiIon battery - use the factory charger for that.
4 stars was for feeling a bit light and cheap feeling, but overall the device functions and works well and is a good way to use that Ryobi battery in another device that can handle 40v input.

Works with m12 tools, most

It does have a step down in it. Output is 12v, fused for 20a, soldered fuse. It seems fine at 10a. Impacts work fine. M12 rocket light works. The rover light uses all 5 pins of the battery and would not insert without cutting the adapter to have space where the other 2 pins would go. So far, it just doesnt work on my m12 fuel vac. Just starts and and turns off when the motor loads up. Its nice to have for some things.

Just as good as the top brands

Very please!!, this blower is a fraction or the price for a name brand and does the same job as them.

It works

Not too much to say, other than this does exactly what it was designed to do. Having a lot of Ryobi batteries and this adapter allows me to have a emergency way to power a Dewalt tool.
I would NOT recommend running your 20 volt tool all day on an 18 volt battery, but in a pinch this does the job.

Fits Milwaukee tools and Ryobi batteries

This converter seamlessly accommodated both the OEM Milwaukee tools and the sourced Ryobi batteries. While it appeared that the plastic housing was somewhat thin, it proved to be functional nonetheless.

New life to old tools

I love that this adaptor allows me to use a set of tools that were sitting on a shelf because the original batteries don’t hold a charge. Slap a Dewalt adaptor and 5 ah battery and they run like new or better. my grandfather would buy a ryobi set every year to maintain rent houses. The reason why every year is because the batteries wouldn’t last. Boom problem solved!

Perfect fit

This is an awesome Makita battery adapter for my Ryobi drills. The adapter fits in the drill perfectly and also snaps into the Makita batteries perfect. I have an older Ryobi drill and the new Makita 18 volt 3 amp hour batteries give it a lot more power than my old 1.3 amp hour Ryobi batteries. For the price I could not beat this having already owned my Makita batteries.

Fit new Ryobi power tools

Fit the impact, drill, work light well. Seem sturdy enough to work for a long time. Included screws were a great fit.

Works great with my Dewalt batteries!

I absolutely love this hot glue gun and the fact that it works with my Dewalt batteries makes it even cooler. This gun will last for a long time its well built from high quality materials. I will buy again.

Much more convenient than corded hot melt glue guns

I was tired of being tied to the wall with my old glue gun. Not only was I limited in where I could use it, but snagging the cord on occasion caused the tool to fall over or worse - fall to the floor. This helps remove those limitations. Not only can I use hot melt just about anywhere, this is compatible with my existing Makita tool batteries. The digital display informs you of the status, and you can adjust the temperature based on your needs. Definitely a solid addition to my tool kit!

This Absolutely will work with 1 1/4 inch hoses

this adapter will absolutely work with 1.25 inch hoses. The trick is you have to remove any nozzle that is attached to your hose because the adapter is threaded on the inside and it is designed to thread onto the one in a quarter inch hose if you have any type of nozzle on the end of your hose it will not thread into the adapter, so simply remove that nozzle, and then thread just the hose part into the adapter. It works perfectly. I have a Stanley portable shop vac, and at first I could not get the hose to attached to the adapter because at the end of my hose is about a 6 inch long piece of plastic that other adapter pieces slide onto. I had to remove this 6 inch long piece of plastic by twisting it out of my hose, then I simply threaded my hose into the adapter and it worked perfectly.

Perfect addon to your Ryobi tool set, and great for camping!

Very happy with this ..
I have MANY uses for this, and will likely grab a second soon.
For home, it's great for when my power goes out, for running my aquarium filters/heaters!
For camping, it's a flashlight, USB power supply, and an AC outlet for in emergencies.
For Boating/Kayak (both inflatable), it's a quick, tiny pack for my air-pump for inflation/deflation!
Supports all AC outlet styles plugs that I know (US/EU and such), including the various grounding plugs!

ONLY downside is that it's missing a key component that would make it perfect . . .
It needs that USB-C port to also support "Charging" the battery! (Bi-directional power transfer)
If it did, one would be able to recharge Ryobi batteries, using this, via solar/car adapter/batterybank/etc..
I have seen ONE model made by Ryobi that has this, but It apparently isn't available in Canada?
(Home Depot CA has exclusive rights to Ryobi, and doesn't get this model for some weird reason)
If they add this later, I'll buy 2-3 more!

Works with Ryobi batteries

This inverter works very well for my needs. I'm a mobile mechanic so a power outlet isn't always nearby. This tool allows me to stay mobile. I use it to charge my laptop throughout the day.

Power on the go!

Great way to power up the tablet when the battery is drained. Almost unlimited power by the amount of Ryobi batteries I have. I use a solar generator to charge my Ryobi batteries so it's nice to be able to power up things I need on the go.

Ryobi battery inverter

This probably deserves five stars but the batteries are kind of big and you need a separate charger to add to the bulk. Now that said you can have multiple batteries ready on hand which is something only a system like this can have unless your lugging around multiple 12v batteries and inverters which would end up taking more room and definitely a greater hazard. Ok now to the good used this with a 4 ah battery pack and it worked great. Used the flash light on it for a bit and it got hot so dont really recommend using it that long but every mobile energy source type light heat up quick and drain batterys quick so I suggest getting a separate flashlight maybe rechargeable if you prefer but it does work if you need it. Used the usb to power a sign I have and it worked great but I couldve done that with a power bank. Used the ac plug to power a small light show for over 30 minutes and it barely even got warm. Would normally need a 12v battery and inverter to make it mobile but this is by far the most compact way of going about it. So to sum it up this definitely isnt for anybody but if you already have the ryobi batteries and chargers I say why not. They also make other brands but havent tried any yet. This is a great add on something if you already have the other things needed. This should be able to power a one and a half amp 12v charger for emergencies if your battery is too low to jump or if you need some type of mobile charger for your vehicle.